With 20 years experience behind her, award-winning international make-up artist Louise Constad has worked with all the top photographers and directors, and is the make-up artist of choice for many of the world's most beautiful women – Kristin Scott Thomas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Camilla Rutherford, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Tina Turner and Juliette Binoche are just some of her regular clients.

"I love my job" says Louise. "I've been a make-up artist for over 20 years and still every booking is different. I may be working on a fashion shoot, a commercial, a pop video, in a television studio or on location with a film. Or maybe making one of my regular celebrity clients look a million dollars for an awards ceremony. No two jobs are ever the same and that's the beauty of being a make-up artist. I've travelled the world and I'm my own boss, which means that I work when I want.
I've also reached that stage in my career when I think it's about time I passed on some of my enormous experience and skills to others who want to join this exciting profession. In truth I've worked with so many assistants who really didn't know where to start that the idea of running my own course to train the make-up artists of tomorrow was impossible to ignore."

And so Mastering Make-Up with Louise Constad was born.

Every few months, Louise takes time out from her busy schedule to run a special week-long Beauty Queen course in make-up, aimed specifically at those who are seriously interested in becoming a professional make-up artist. Those who complete the course immediately join her personal list of assistants (further gaining knowledge and first-hand experience) and will be ready to start out on their own.

The course is intensive and practical and covers all aspects of make-up for fashion and beauty editorials, commercials, pop videos, television and film work. Mastering Make-up covers everything about making faces more beautiful including:

Choosing the right base, concealing flaws and blending
The best techniques for shading and defining face shape and features
All about eyes - from plucking eyebrows to using eye liners and false eyelashes
Defining, enlarging or reducing lips
The use of colour on eyes, cheeks and lips
A whole range of looks from barely-there natural to full-on glamour, to basic special effects

Everyone attending the course benefits from Louise's talks and demonstrations, and her personal supervision. There are also talks from specially invited guest speakers (agent, and/or fashion editor/hairdresser/photographer/director) - all giving practical advice and a clear idea of the skills required to get to the top of this glamorous and demanding profession.

On the last day of the course we re-create a fashion shoot with a photographer and professional models, and each participant comes away with the first shot for their portfolio.

Mastering Make-up is held in Central London. To guarantee undivided personal attention places are limited to a small group. These are snapped up quickly so apply soon to avoid being disappointed.

In addition, everyone is given their own complete set of brushes* and cooler kit bag* that Louise has had made to her own specifications, and the essential basics of a make-up kit. Experience has shown Louise which products really work and this is reflected in the fantastic contents of the kit, with each item hand picked by Louise because it is the best for the job. Each kit contains the best items from make-up collections such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Dior, Guerlain, and skincare products from Liz Earle and Simple.


Louise offers a two-day intensive crash course for beginners or those wanting a career taster. Focussing on make-up techniques only, it does not include a kit or photography day. Small groups of 3- 6 students, in Central London. SPECIAL OFFER: students who go on to book the 5-day course will have the fee of the 2-day course deducted (paying £750 instead of £1250).

For make-up artists who feel stuck and need inspiration to take their career to the next level, Louise offers a day of personal mentoring. This session is tailored to all your needs. Louise will go through your folio, your kit and your career. She will tell you everything you need to know to kick-start your career.

Those looking for additional inspiration and experience will be interested to know that Louise also holds two-day Advanced Weekend Top-Up courses for small groups.

For further information contact Louise Constad on 07958 621 344


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Lisa Laudat

Hair and make-up artist to Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud, Pink, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Natasha Beddingfeild, Fergie, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Gabrielle. "Louise Constad taught me everything I know about make-up, she is my make-up guru."

Bernadine Long

Hair and make-up artist. Commercials pop videos and celebrities."A fabulous teacher, with amazing talent and originality. Louise set me on my path today."

Nikki Palmer

Make-up artist and hair to Sophie Dalh, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Duffy, Melanie Sykes.
"Having studied at the London College of Fashion for two years I went on to assist Louise Constad.I learnt more from this lady in a few months than I did on my entire college course. Whilst assisting Louise I learnt not only how to apply better make-up, I also learnt how to be a make-up Artist, from how to behave on set through to Invoicing and a limitless supply of tips and tricks. Louise's generosity and style are like no other, there is no one better in my mind to inspire and excite new make-up artists. I have since, with Louise's constant mentoring and support gone on to become a successful make-up artist in my own right, but this would never have been possible without Louise. I cannot thank her enough for this."

Alana Phillips

Working in TV, Film & Print.
"Louise didn't just teach me how to apply make-up, she taught me how to be a make-up artist."

Oonagh O'Connor

"Louise started me on my 'make-up artist' journey. I was inspired by her creativity and natural flair with the make-up brush and from day one of the course I knew I'd found my vocation! That was 7 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. 'Louise Constad'- her name holds great weight in the industry, when photographers and picture editors know you've trained with her... its a step through the door!"

Billie Warwick

Freelance in heaven
"I learnt more with Louise than I did in three years at LCF."

Mellissa Brown

"My make-up course was amazing, totally inspirational , and my confidence is sky high! I learnt so many great tips that make even your own face look so much better! This has given my career another strength and thanks to Louise I am confident in my work and had an amazing week of learning new techniques."

Emilie Yong

"Louise is wonderful and her course is fantastic. You're also not just doing a course, you get a support system afterwards. She set up my career and all of the work that I have had and got since I can link it all back to Louise."

Celia Burton

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"Louise teaches the perfect eye, lip and base. Within a week I had been taught everything I needed and then it was up to me. BeautyQueen gives each of it's students a really intimate insight into a professional's craft; I left wanting to practise everything. Excited to explore a new career and follow in the footsteps of a brilliant makeup artist and teacher." "Every one of Louise's students walks away from BeautyQueen not only with new skills and techniques, but with a mentor. Louise's guidance is incredibly valuable, no other course will give you that."

Stephanie Sceihier

"Louise's Beauty Queen school gave me the skills and confidence to start my make-up career with enthusiasm, in what is a very competitive industry. Louise is always open and available to offer advice when needed and has become a good friend over the years and most importantly a great believer in me and my make-up work and capabilities! Thank you Beauty Queen for everything!"

Suzie Love

"Louise's was an inspiration from the moment I met her, I could have listened to her talk all day. I learnt so much from her course and it wasn't just about how to put make-up on it was all that goes with it. But most of all she believes in me and I take that with me on every job.' "

Tora Young

"As well as learning all the necessary skills to be a make-up artist, the most valuable thing that I've gained from attending Louise's course and the shoots that I accompanied her on afterwards has been confidence. In less than 3 months after finishing the course, I had 3 pieces of work published in major monthly magazines - something that I wouldn't even have dreamt about before attending Louise's course. It's literally the best thing that I've ever done!"

Monica Storrs

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COURSE DATE: 2011"Louise's Beauty Queen School is absolutely invaluable. I had never had any training before joining Louise's course for a week and I simply couldn't have asked for a better teacher. The plethora of Louise's knowledge and experience is incredible. Being taught by one of the best in the industry is the most amazing experience and I would highly recommend the Beauty Queen School to anyone wanting to become a make-up artist. I'm extremely grateful for all that Louise has taught me and I hope to one day be as good as she is!"

Kate Conkey

"Louise Is honest, fabulous, with a genuine talent and pure heart. Learning with Louise was inspiring."

Angela Amelia

"Attending Louise's course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My first work experience with Louise was with Harpers Bazaar - you can't get a better start than that. I seem to have learnt more from Louise's I seem to have learnt more from Louise's 1 week course than others girls that learn over a year. Louise has set me up for the furture by taking me under her wing and being on her rota of assistants.";

Zoe Tatum-Rooney


Casey Jordana

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Lauren Alice


Lauren Griffin

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